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1. My teeth do not hurt, therefore I do not need to go to the dentist’s:

  • It is useful to check the teeth regularly regularly because there can be a hole in them even in a few month. For the young, the development of hollow tooth is very fast and almost impossible to notice, that is why it is necessary to treat them in time. Immidiate treatment means obviously less unpleasantness and trouble for the patient in the dentist’s office.
  • By doing as the doctor suggested and with a proper tooth-cleaning technique the decay of the teeth is preventable in most cases. Genetic weaknesses are possible to correct and qualified with homoeopathic medicines.
  • It is possible to draw conclusion from the transformations of the mycoderm to the actual bodily illnesses, the weakened immune system is recognizable in time, more serious diseases are possible to prevent.
  • The dental deposit has to be removed regularly: yearly or every half a year (depending on the physique)! Thus several serious illnesses (e.g. infarction, peptic ulcer and other degenerative diseases) can be prevented.
  • It is possible to prevent the deterioration of the digestive system and other medical illnesses by preserving the good condition of the masticatory organ.
  • Periodontitis problems are often causes of the loss of teeth. The transformations that are recognised in time can be treated with success.
  • Continuous control is suggested (yearly) for patients with a bridge. Under regular check of the gum it is possible to extend the endurance of the bridge. By an immidiate treatment of a potential gingivitis, it becomes possible to delay the development of pyorrhea.
  • Teeth that are in a bad condition for too long and are worn down can behave as foyers and cause serious damage to the whole body. Moreover, in case of an accidental decay of the bone, there will be no possibility for its prosthetic rehabilitation.
  • In case of gingival bleeding immidiate dental care is essential!
  • It is possible to prevent decay of the teeth by fissure sealing mainly for chiildren. This is a painless, preventive treatment that is suggested for children over the age of 6. The treatment is especially useful in childhood, mainly for freshly grown teeth and deformations of the teeth.
  • Fissure sealing is possible at any age, even for adults. It can already be combined with painless treatments that make the dentine resistant to decay and strengthen the dental enamel.

2. Fillings with amalgam have no harmful results

Everything that is worth knowing about amalgam fillings

Amalgam has long been used in the field of dentistry – and is often used nowadays as well - is a relatively cheap filling material. Regarding its chemical ingredients it also contains liquid mecury that is generally known as being poisonous for the human organism.

Professor STOCK pointed out the consequences of small quantity mercury loading already in 1926:
- In case of load of the first degree: reduction in capacity for work, tiredness and incipient nervous breakdown.
- In case of load of the second degree: irritability, headache, sense of fear, lack of self-confidence, memory disorder, tumefaction of the nasal mucous membrane, symptoms of catarrhous, upper respiratory irritation, deformations of the oral mycoderm, bleeding gums, pressing thoracic pain, tachycardia, vertigo, repeated diarrhoea.
- In case of load of the third degree: headache, general weakness, insomnia, reduction of intellectual capacity, sense of pressure nearby the heart, depression.

Although the facts mentioned above are debated among dentists, I, myself, has not worked with amalgam since 1993.
It is easier to make amalgam filling (needs less technical ability) and can be prepared faster. It is much harder in many respects to prepare fillings that substitute amalgam ones and that are fixed by the action of the light. It does require more time, more expensive materials, equipment and technical knowledge from the dentist.

The vapour of mercury that develops by drilling of the amalgam poisons the patient, the dentist and the assistant.

It is not advised to change amalgam filling during the time of pregnancy, becasue mercury gets into the placenta and can poison the embryo as well.
The used amalgam is treated as dangerous waste. There is a regulation already that there has to be a machine that collects used amalgam.

Harmful effects of the amalgam fillings can cause the energy of the organism to decrease.

Under certain conditions the poisonous materials can escape from the existing filling. Thus combined with air and water pollution, preservatives and additives - all of which are significantly present in our lives nowadays – accumulates and settles in the organism and this can lead to long lasting diseases (the origin of which are unknown).

It is possible that mercury dissolves from the amalgam fillings by the use of toothpastes that contain fluorine, after eating something hot or sour and by chewing or by the grinding of the teeth.
Even one filling can already be a significant store of mercury.
(In tissues that build up the substance of the brain the half time of it is 27 years.)

Damages by amalgam filling can appear in different problems:

  • Weakness of the immune system
  • In auto-immune diseases
  • Psychic-disorders: disorder of concentration, tremor, perspiration, sense of fear, disorders of the memory, ADHD-disease
  • Hormonal metabolic disturbance
  • Psilosis, hair loss
  • Articular problems
  • Allergic reactions

Those preferring amalgam filling refer to the durability of the material.
In reality, however, fillings shrink on the sides owing to corrosion, so it happens very often that larger or smaller decays or damages develop under the old amalgam fillings.

Used book of referece:
JUTTA ALTMANN-BREWE: The amalgam, the time bomb

3. There is no need to detoxicate after having the amalgam filling out

The vapour of mercury that escapes while drilling the amalgam can harm the lungs, the liver, the kidney, the glandula and the nervous system. That is why it is especially important to detoxicate.
Nowadays, we already have a lot of possibilities to do this.
It is possibly to do this with homoeopathic medicines, spagyric drugs and other modern treatments in my office to reduce the load of heavy metal and to lead mercury out of the organism.

4. The use of chewing gums substitutes tooth-cleaning

  • Habitual use of chewing gum is not suggested because it overloads the articulars of the jaw.
  • Constant chewing also lie unnecessarily upon the stomach. Gastric juice that is produced independently from eating during the salivary secretion is not used so it is harmful for the health in the long run and acidizes.
  • However, flavoured chewing gums disguise bad breath, does not remove plaque that are responsible for decays, so it does not cease its real cause.