We accept Holiday Cheques!

We accept valid Holiday Cheques.

We provide guarantee!

We provide guarantee for many years under proper dental care.


We are looking forward to receiving our future and returning patients.
We are pleased to see you in our modernn, well equipped office providing quality care in a holistic approach.

In what ways does dental treatment with homoeopathic therapy provide more?

  • A Homeopátia EnciklopédiájaRelief of stress, reduction of anxiety
  • Faster healing
  • Treatment without side effect
  • Constitutional, holistic treatment with concern to the individual problems
  • Prevention of complications
  • Fastening and protection of the dental enamel and periodontium

Why choose us?

  • Dental treatment without pain
  • Treatment to mantain teeth
  • Preparing high quality denture in case of deficient teeth
  • Making the patient acquinted with and employing homoeopathic detoxicating and regenerating methods
  • Biological approach to dental treatment (using natural materials)
  • Dental hygiene counsel