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What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a treatment that is based on the law of similars. Hyppocrate recorded it in the 5th century B.C., and Samuel Hahnemenn /1755-1843/, the father of homoeopathy compiled it into a scheme more than 200 years ago. Homoeopathy cures a disfunctioning part with a similar part. /Similis similibus curentur/ The very same medicine that causes symptoms for a healthy person, can cure similar symptoms for an ill person. The most similar drug is able to activate the organism’s power for self-therapy and cure the body by the strenghtening of the immune system. Homoeopathic treatment is based on curing by the law of similars while western medicine is on the law of opposition.

How we apply homoeopathy in the dental office?

  1. Strong pain-killers can be substituted with homoeopathic remedies that have no side effects, most of the times there is even no need for antibiotics. The remedies can be combined with antibiotics, thus antibiotics doesn’t need to be taken for a very long time. Since they don’t have allergic effects, it is possible to use them for a longer period of time, more often and does not develop dependency.
  2. If taken for prevention, the effects of the dental treatment do not even develop (long healing wounds).
  3. Cases that were not solvable earlier on become possible to treat.
  4. Part of a complex therapy for periodontitis treatment at an early stage.
  5. For reducing anxiety right before the dental treatment or even a week before.
  6. For preparing surgical interventions, tooth extractions and canal treatments and after-care. If they are taken prior to the dental treatment, homoeopathic drugs prevents inflammation, bleeding, tumefaction and the development of strong ache. The drug keeps off pathogens from the sore, minimizes aches. The healing period reduces, recovery will be faster on the bone tissue and the interstitial tissue.
  7. The strengthening of the dental enamel combined with mouth hygiene advice.
  8. Canal-treatment and afterpain is often possible to avoid if deep fillings are treated with homoeopathic remedies.
  9. Injury of the mycoderm (e.g. thrush, herpes etc.) are possible to be cured faster.
  10. Masticatory articulation problems that originate from the overworking of the teeth can be cured by homoeopathic remedies.

How to take homoeopathic drugs?

These homoeopathic pills have to be taken under the tongue and to be kept sucking to be absorbed in a short time. It is possible to dissolve it in still mineral water (stirred with a plastic spoon only), and drink it very slowly. It is forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, using mint toothpaste and chewing gum 30 minutes before and after taking the pills!

How to store homoeopathic drugs?

Homoeopathic drugs are not suggested to be kept nearby aromathics, cosmetics and high-voltage electric equipments (radio, telephone, microwave, TV, computer etc.) because the active agent in the drugs can be dissolved.

How do homoeopathic drugs act?

According to homoeopathic doctors, health is a balance of body and soul. Health is maintained by life force; this is what controls the self-therapy of the body. Energy flows without restraint when being healthy; in case of an illness, it is reduced and different symptoms break out (e.g. fever, eczema, allergy, erethism, changes in behaviour). These are the signs when the body is overladen, experiences sorrow and the effects of unprocessed affective traumas. It responds similarly to detrimental external factors as well.

With homoeopathic medicines, it is possible to give energy stimulating impulses to the organism, by which it will be able to activate its power for self-help and restrore its balance. In case of an illness, cells operate on a specific wave-length, thus are not always effective enough to defeat the pathogens. The energetic wave-length that is typical for the illness is possible to be cured only by homoeopathic drugs that are on the same wave length as that of the illness. The ingredients of the homoeopathic medicine has to be the same as that of the specific illness of the patient. Thus, whatever the illness may be, the recovery depends on whether we find the medicine that causes mainly the same symptoms as the illness.

What are the ingredients and dose of homoeopathic medicines?

Homoeopathic products are filled with rhitmical fremitus. They are mainly made of ancient tinctures of vegetal, animal and mineral substances. Ancient tincture can be poisonous so pharmacists make series of dilutions. These dilutions are produced by many steps and after each dilution the medicine is mixed well. The final outcome is a homoeopathic medicine that contians only a very small portion of the substances. It is not poisonous and has no side effects at all! It activates the power of the organism’s self-help and normalizes the disturbed functioning by affecting as a weak stimulus.

The choice of homoeopathic remedies – by taking the individual organism into account – is personalized. Homoeopathic drugs are used with low, medium and high potencies. If the original substances are tenfold diluted at each step, a decimal (D) potency line will be created; if it is hundredfold diluted, then a centuple (C) potency line will be created. With both potency lines the number of beat shakes is ten at each dilution steps. Each part of LM and Q potency lines are made by a fifty thousand times dilution and by a hundredfold shaking.
The title on the boxes of homoeopathic medicines refers to the diluted substance; C, D, LM, Q shows the degree -, and the number indicates the steps of dilution.